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Badge-a-minit FAQ's

Q. What is included in a component kit / does the kit include all 3 pieces?

A. Yes, all three pieces you require to be able to make a pinback button badge are included, metal front, plastic back and the clear mylar cover.

Q. What will I be charged for freight?

A. If ordering on our website surface freight is FREE, if you require a quicker alternative you will be charged an additional cost which we will advise you of.

Q. Do you make magnetic name badges?

A. Yes, we do.

Q. Is there a standard size for name badges?

A. No we can make name badges to any size to suit your needs, however most customer are happy with what we call our standard size which is 73 mm x 27 mm.

Q. Were would I find my machine model code?

A. If you grab your instructions they should tell you the model of machine you own.

Q. I am having trouble with my machine. What should I do?

A. Firstly, ensure you have read the instructions completely and are following them, if you don't have instructions they can be downloaded from your particular machines page. If you are still having trouble call us to discuss and you may need to download the service booking form and return your machine to us.

Q. Do you sell any software to help with the design of my button badges?

A. No, we do not, however here is a link to some free software which will help you, http://www.openoffice.org/

Q. Do you have stock graphics that we can make a selection from?

A. Yes we do, contact us and we can email you a copy to choose from.

Q. What is the minimum amount of components I can order?

A. With button badge component kits it is 100 pcs, with the magnetic & keychain kits it is 50 pcs.

Q. How many badges should I expect to make with my component kit?

A. In theory if you purchase 100 pcs, make no mistake or damage any badges you will make 100 badges.

Q. Do you need a machine to be able to make badges?

A. Yes

Q. Can my machine make different size buttons?

A. This will depend on the model of machine you purchased, the 1900A , Basic & Deluxe Multi Presses will make different sizes, however, only IF you have purchased the different sized die sets.

Q. Will my machine make fabric badges?

A. The 1800B, 1900A & the Deluxe Multi Press will make fabric badge, fabric must be fairly thin and and must be backed with interfacing which can be purchased at any store selling fabric. the Basic Multi Press will only work the paper artwork.

Q. Can I make badges with photograph's?

A. With the 1800B you can certainly do this, however this is not the case with the 1900A, Basic & Deluxe Multi Presses.

Q. Can I use cardboard, glitter or expossed glues in my machine.

A. No you cannot, also you will waiver any warranty offered if you do and the machine is damaged due to this.

Q. Do you have a sales team on the road to call out to customers?

A. No, we don't.

Q. How long will my order take to be delivered?

A. Please refer to our shipping section.

Q. Do you hand engrave.

A. No we do not.

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